1969: The Second Man


Concept, Music, and Lyrics by Jacob Brandt

Book by Dan Giles

Directed by Jaki Bradley

After he became the second man to walk on the moon, reporters asked Buzz Aldrin if he wished he had been the first. “I really didn’t want that,” Buzz claimed, “because of the added heartache.” A folk-rock fable for the runner-up in all of us, 1969: The Second Man explores competition and collective achievement through the story of one small man who became one giant myth.

Madeleine Foster Bersin presented 1969: The Second Man at New York Theatre Workshop in August 2018 as part the Next Door Series, featuring Jacob Brandt, Paris Ellsworth, Lizzie Hagstedt, Angel Lin, Maya Sharpe, and Tony Vo.

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All photos of 1969: The Second Man are by Chad Batka, 2018